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A brief introduction to electroplating of silver

Time:2018-07-11 Browse:54

Silver is a white metal with a density of 10.5g/cm (20 C), a melting point of 960.5 C, a relative atomic mass of 107.9, and a standard electrode potential of + 0.799V. Silver is malleable and plastic. It has excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. The silver layer polished has strong reflective and decorative properties. Silver coating is easy to polish, has strong reflective ability and good thermal conductivity, conductive and welding properties. The silver coating was first used in decoration. In the electronics industry, communication equipment and instrument and instrument manufacturing, silver plating is widely used to reduce the contact resistance on the surface of metal parts and improve the welding ability of metal. In addition, silver reflectors in searchlights and other reflectors need silver plating. Because the silver atom is easy to spread and slip along the surface of the material, the silver whisker is easily generated in the moist atmosphere, so the silver coating should not be used in the printed circuit board. The silver plating solution used mainly is cyanide bath.

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